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Music Education: Books and Journals in Print

General guide to print and online resources for music education

Books from the catalog

You can search the Rutgers online catalog for books related to music education. I've provided links to some subject searches to get you started.  You can also browse the stacks to find books.  Below is the call number classification for MT.

Subclass MT

MT1-960 Instruction and study

MT1 General works
M2.5 Music study abroad
MT3-5 History
MT5.5-7 Music theory
MT9-15 Printed pedagogical aids

MT9 Examinations, exercises, etc.
MT10 Teachers’ and supervisors’ manuals, etc.
MT15 Charts, diagrams, etc.

MT17 Music in special education
MT18 Music in colleges and universities
MT20-34 Systems and methods
MT35-39 Notation
MT40-67 Composition. Elements and techniques of music
MT68 Improvisation. Accompaniment. Transposition
MT70-74 Instrumentation and orchestration
MT75 Interpretation
MT80 Embellishment
MT82 Memorizing
MT85 Conducting. Score reading and playing
MT87 Community music
MT88 Administration and instruction of vocal groups
MT90-146 Analysis and appreciation of musical works
MT150 Audio-visual aids
MT155 Music theory for children
MT165 Tuning

MT170-810 Instrumental techniques

MT179-258 Keyboard instruments
MT259-338 Stringed instruments. Bowed stringed instruments
MT339-533 Wind instruments
MT539-654 Plucked instruments
MT655-725 Percussion and other instruments
MT728-735 Ensembles
MT737 Motion picture accompanying
MT740-810 Instrumental techniques for children

MT820-915 Singing and vocal technique

MT898-915 Vocal techniques for children

MT918-948 School music

MT920-925 Kindergarten
MT930-948 Elementary schools. Junior high schools. High schools

MT949.5 Whistling
MT950 Music to accompany instruction in ballet, folk dancing, gymnastics, etc.
MT955-956 Musical theater
MT960 Music in the theater

Journals in Music Education

Rutgers subscribes to many Music Education journals in print and online.  You can search for specific articles by going to the next tab in this guide; however, if you want to browse our journals, here are links to their records in the catalog. 


  • If we don't have the article you need here at Rutgers (either electronically or in print) don't give up!  Interlibrary Loan (ILL) can get a copy for you from another library.

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