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Newark By the Numbers: Employment and Economic Health

This guide focuses on resources containing data on the city of Newark, New Jersey. For an extensive bibliography (books, articles, reports, web sites) on Newark see The Newark Experience .

Employment & Economic Health

Economy at a Glance: Newark-Union, NJ
From the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Land Use Element of the Master Plan for the City of Newark: Introduction.
Prepared by the City of Newark Department of Economic and Housing Development and Philips Preiss Shapiro Associates, Inc., for the Central Planning Board. Newark, 2004.
  • Table 3: Employment and Businesses by Year for Major Industrial Sectors 1985 through 1998
County Business Patterns
Number of establishments, total payroll, and Mid-March Employment by Industry Classification. Data by county, zip code, and MSA.
Arts & Economic Prosperity III: The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations and Their Audiences in the City of Newark, NJ: Summary Findings.
Americans for the Arts, 2007.
Part of a economic impact study conducted in 156 U.S. communities and regions.
Urban Fiscal Health: How Do New Jersey Cities Compare to Other American Cities?.
Gerald Miller, Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies, Rutgers University-Newark Campus, Oct 2001.
Compares public financial data for Newark and Jersey City to similar central cities: Akron, Baltimore, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburg, Rochester, Toledo and Yonkers.