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Market Planning for Entrepreneurs: Resources via Public Libraries or the Federal Government

Library resoures for George Fore's SBDC course: Market Planning for Entrepreneurs

Resources via Public Libraries and free on the Web

The databases below: Business Source Premier through Regional Business News are available via the web to anyone with a public library card in New Jersey.  To get to them as a group go to  You will be prompted to put in the barcode on your public library card.  Then you can select any on the JerseyClicks page.  Note the ones below are all in the Business group.  The linked titles below may also get you each directly, but again to actually use one should need to input you library barcode when prompted.


PRINT Reference Books

Encyclopedia of Associations (REF HS17.G3 at Rutgers . This is also available in many public libraries, probably under Reference R 061.3 ENC, but it is always best to ask at the Reference Desk)

Start with the volume with the Keyword & Name Index, which will give you entry numbers of organizations grouped by area of interest, to get you to the sections with many entries for assoications in your field of interest.  The entries provide web addresses and phone numbers for these groups.  Many associations provide information free, even to non-members or potential members.  This information can include contacts, statistical data, training opportunities and publications.

Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys (R 338.7 STA in public libraries.  Robeson Library does not own)

Gives broad overviews of major industries in the U.S. with up to 5-year predictions on performance.


The cite and its resources are free, complements of the federal government - your taxes at work, so please support efforts to keep this access alive.  Funding for Statistical Abstracts compilation and publication has recently been eliminatedby Congress, so 2011 is the last edition available for free.  The American Community Survey is on the chopping block of the current Congress, so it may well soon disappear.  Let your federal legislators know if you find these useful, if not essential, to your business. 

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