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Introduction to Honors Thesis: Searching the Catalog and Databases

This research guide provides support for the course "Introduction to Honors Thesis." Spring 2013.

Quotations and Paraphrasing

You need to make clear the distinction between direct quotation and paraphrasing

Direct quotation needs a citation, or a source where the passage originates. You need to record full citations for each book, article, archival material, etc. used in your writing. The RefWorks is a good place to keep the citations in an organized manner. 

Tips to Search the Catalog and Databases

To find books on your topics of interest in the Library Catalog, start by doing a KEYWORD SEARCH to locate appropriate SUBJECT HEADINGS. 

Keyword search: (humanitarian crisis)

Subject Headings: genocide, refugees, (human rights)

Keyword search: (computer architecture)

Subject Heading: (software engineering), (computer science), (computer architecture)

Keyword search: identity and (mental health)

Subject Headings: (emigration and immigration) and (mental health)

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