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Introduction to Honors Thesis: General Information

This research guide provides support for the course "Introduction to Honors Thesis." Spring 2013.

Research Guides and Librarians

RELEVANT RESEARCH GUIDES These guides list resources that can get you started in the research process. They include databases, encyclopedias and the name and the contact information of subject librarians. For a complete list of research guides, click here

Anthropology (by Rebecca Gardener).  The print collection is at Alexander Library, CAC.

Biology (by Helen Hoffman). The print collection is located at LSM.

Classics (by Tom Izbicki) . The print collection is housed at Alexander Library

Computer Science (by Mei Ling Lo).  The print collection is mainly located at Math Library and at LSM.

Global and Eurasian History (by Jim Niessen) and African Studies (by Melissa Gasparotto) can get you started on issues regarding history in Africa. Print Collection at Alexander Library.

Landscape Architecture (Joe Consoli Most of the print collection in art and architecture is housed at Art Library, CAC.

Literatures in English (by Kevin Mulcahy). The print collection is housed at Alexander Library.

Political Science (by Tom Glynn). Print Collection at Alexander Library

Psychology (by Laura Mullen).  The print collection is located mostly at LSM.

Primary Source and Secondary Source

Primary sources are first hand sources that comes directly from the time, period, events, or people that you are studying.

Examples of primary sources:

  • Original documents: Letters, diaries, autobiographies, official records, minutes, photographs, speeches.
  • Creative works:Art work, music, documentaries, painting.

  • Relics or artifacts: Pottery, clothing, furniture, building.

Secondary sources are sources that are filtered though critical work and interpretation of experts in the field.

Examples of secondary sources

  • Biography on Sojourner Truth: Sojourner Truth : a life, a symbol / by Nell Irvin Painter.
  • Criticism of a composition by Wolfgang Mozart: Understanding Mozart's piano sonatas /by  John Irving.
  • Book on one aspect of the Civil War (U.S.)  Defeating Lee: a history of the Second Corps, Army of the Potomac /by  Lawrence A. Kreiser, Jr.

Here are some Websites with more on this topic.

What is a primary source? created at Princeton University Libraries.

What is primary research? published by the Purdue University Online Writing Lab. This site also discusses important topics such as Research Ethics, Interview and Survery Questions and much more. 

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