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Gender and Technology: Images and Films

This research guide is for the students in Gender and Technology course.

Images in Databases

ARTstor is a database of images, including art work and  photographs. If you are interested in other kinds of technology, try a search for "footbinding," or "corsets."

New Jersey Trade and Manufacturers Catalog displays images from different product advertizing including sewing machines. 

Streaming Video

Use online catalog to search and locate all media, including streaming video. Also, you can access Academic Video Online Premium (AVON) directly and search by topics or titles. For off-campus access, you will need RU login.

Suggested search terms/phrases (use quotes to make sure the phrase is intact):

  • "working mothers"
  • Internet
  • "video games"

SWANK Digital Campus is a commercial film database that provides access to course assigned films and documentaries for the Rutgers community.