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Project L/EARN: Finding Articles

Research resources for Summer, 2017

Multidisciplinary Databases

Newspaper Databases

Subject Specific Databases

(A complete list of our indexes and databases can be found here)

Database Search Tips

  • Use AND to combine your concepts, e.g., health disparities and policy
  • Use OR to combine synonyms, related terms, e.g., health care or medical care
  • Use the * (asterik)  to search for the root word and any ending, e.g., parent* will retrieve parent, parents, parenthood, parenting.
  • Searching for an exact phrase-use "" quotation marks.
  • Consider broader or narrower terms, i.e., a hierarchy.  For example: affective disorders>>major depression>>postpartum depression.
  • Look at the subject headings on the full record for an on-target item-these can help you generate new keywords, concepts, etc.
  • Finding too many articles on a topic?  Try searching for your keywords in the Title field of the item record.
  • Finding too few articles on a topic?  Decrease the number of concepts searched; Increase the number of synonyms or alternatives for a term.

Citation Chaining!!

Found an excellent article on your research question?  Make sure you check the reference citations to get relevant and/or older research on the same topic. 

Some databases also indicate, have a link to articles that have cited a particular article, i.e., you can see forward, citation chaining!