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UALE Summer School for Union Women: Occupational Safety & Health

Resources for the workshops offered by the regional summer institutes for union women sponsored by United Association for Labor Education.

Safety and Health Web Resources

Safety and Health Publications In Print

Askari, Elaine.  Violence on the Job: A Guidebook for Labor and Management. Berkeley: Labor Occupational Health Program, 1997.

Bonomo, Perry & Daniel Seidler.  Why Does Working @ My Computer Hurt So Much?  N.Y. ErgAerobics, 1999. Easy-to-use guide to preventing and alleviating RSI (repetitive stress injury) symptoms.  Many stretches and exercises for neck, back, shoulders, even face.

The Labor Institute.  Repetitive Strain Injuries: A Training Workbook for Office Workers.  NY: Labor Institute, 1997.  [distributed through Apex Press] “Designed to get workers talking to each other about the issue”; video also available.

Labor Occupational Health Program.  Collective Bargaining for Health and Safety: A Handbook for Unions.  Berkeley: LOHP, 2000.  [order at ] Sample contract language from actual contracts on such topics as worker information and training, specific hazards, right to act, joint labor-management activities, protective measures, injured workers.

Labor Occupational Health Program.  Tools of the Trade—A Health & Safety Handbook for Action.  LOHP,2006. Includes tools for winning safety improvements, examples of successful h&s campaigns, and strategies for workplace h&s advocacy.

Recent News on Occupational Safety & Health


Safety and Health Publications Online

AFSCME Women's Rights Dept. Domestic Violence: An AFSCME Guide for Union Action. Washington. D.C.: AFSCME. Available online:


Safe Jobs Now: An AFSCME Guide to Health and Safety in the Workplace is one of the many safety & health publications available on the web from AFSCME: