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Persistent Links: DOI

How to create persistent links to Library e-resources for linking in courseware, email, etc.

Using DOI to create a link

DOIs are Document Object Identifiers that are unique to each specific article. From the article you want to provide access:

  • Click on the article title to obtain the complete bibliographic record.
  • Find the DOI on the page and copy it (making sure to include only the numbers).




  • In addition to the proxy prefix, you will need to add the DOI resolver, so the complete link will have proxy prefix, DOI resolver, and DOI number. Use the box on the right to add both prefixes, or you may add them yourself: 

Here is an example with all of the parts:

DOI create box

Paste the DOI here and click the button (do not press enter):

Note: The "Copy Persistent Link" button only work in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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