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Before You Start Your Research


Perspectives on Labor Studies - Researching Theory  


Here are some suggestions to help you start your research:

1.   Think about your topic. 

  • What are the keywords or key phrases that describe this topic? 

  • Do you need to consult an encyclopedia or handbook to become familiar with this topic?  Wikipedia may also be useful for background information or as a starting point, but is NOT an appropriate scholarly source. 

2.  Utilize different literature search techniques:

  • Search scholarly databases for articles, using keywords (most traditional).

  • Consider using databases of different disciplines.  Many of the ideas you are reading about are used in multiple subject areas--sociology, psychology, political science, etc.
  • Use Google Scholar for "quick & dirty" searching, or to explore concepts and find keywords.

  • Use citation searching (following a key article forward), using World of Science or Google Scholar.

  • Used Advanced Google to locate online research and working papers.

4.  Document all sources.

  • R efworks (see the Writing & Citing section) can help you keep track of your citations and then produce a bibliography in the style sheet of your choice.
  • Cite all quotations, statistics, ideas.


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