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Medieval History: Basic Resources: Primary Sources

Finding Published Sources

To look for published collections of primary sources, you can search IRIS with the subject keywords followed by the word "sources." For example:

church middle ages sources
women middle ages sources
crusades sources

Finding Primary Sources

EuroDocs: History of Medieval & Renaissance Europe: Primary Documents
Links to collections of documents

Medieval Sourcebook
Paul Halsall's (Fordham University) compilation of online texts for classroom use. Selected and excerpted texts; full texts of medieval sources arranged according to type; saints' lives; and law texts. Good, partially annotated index to other Byzantine and Medieval Studies sites.

ORB--Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
A peer-reviewed scholarly site which includes the ORB Encyclopedia: a topically arranged index to original articles, primary sources, bibliographies, images, and links; ORB Online Textbooks; the ORB Reference Shelf: a large collection of links to excerpts and full texts of primary and secondary sources; and the ORB Text Library: a collection of transcriptions and/or translations of important medieval texts that have not previously been accessible in print or electronic format.