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Methods of Social Work Research II (19:910:595): Finding Articles

This is a research guide for students in Methods of Social Work Research II, 2020

Journal Databases

These databases are good places to begin.  A more complete list is here.

General Database Search Tips

  • Use AND to combine your concepts, e.g., women and substance abuse
  • Use OR to combine synonyms, related terms, e.g., domestic violence or family violence
  • Use the * (asterik)  to search for the root word and any ending, e.g., parent* will retrieve parent, parents, parenthood, parenting.
  • Look at the subject headings on the full record for an item-these can help you generate new keywords, concepts, etc.

Search Tips

Looking for studies that use single-system/single study designs? Combine these keywords with your topic/intervention as you construct your search strategy

  • Social Services Abstracts: single system or single subject or single case
  • PsycINFO: (single system or single subject or abab) and design
  • ERIC: (single system or single subject or abab) and design

Some examples

  • PsycINFO-(single system or single subject or abab) and design and reinforcement
  • Social Services Abstracts-(single system or single subject or single case) and anxiety
  • ERIC-(single system or single subject or abab) and disruptive behavior


More Search Tips

If you are looking for studies that assess your intervention strategy, regardless of the research design, consider combining these terms with your specific topic/intervention

  • treatment outcomes, outcomes
  • program evaluation, evaluation
  • effectiveness
  • treatment programs

Some examples

  • Social Services Abstracts-parent* training and (outcome* or evaluation or effectiveness)
  • PsycINFO-parent* training and (treatment effectiveness or outcome* or program evaluation) or, more simply-parent* training and program evaluation

Use limits as needed; for example, you may be able to limit to a  particular age group or to peer reviewed journals only. Limits available will vary by database.

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