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Terrestrial Vegetation of the United States: Welcome!

Designed to provide information sources and search ideas for students in Plant Ecology, 21:120:370:01


    This guide is designed to help you find out what vegetation grows in your state and how you might find books and journal articles to learn more about the plants, climate and soil conditions.

     In the "Getting Started" section, you'll find some tools from federal government agencies that will help you discover what plants grow and in what areas.  You'll be able to incorporate this information in your search for articles and books.  Any terms you see that describe ecological regions or plant coomunities will be helpful in developing your search for library resources.

     Specific tabs will lead you to resources for locating articles, books and government publications.  For this assignment, in particular, government documents are important since the federal agencies are deeply concerned about natural resources and have been doing research for many years.

     In the tab, "Web Sources," you'll find links to various federal and state programs which record vegetation and their growth conditions.

     Finally, in the "Tracking Your Citations" section, you'll learn more about using RefWorks, the citation manager supported by the University Libraries.  You will be able to organize your selections from indexes as well as the online catalog.  There is a "Ref Grab-it" tool that you can download to capture websites and import them for future citation.  Best of all, RefWorks can be used to create a bibliography to copy and paste into your paper.

     I am delighted to help at any time.  My contact information is listed to the right.


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