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Film Studies at Paul Robeson Library: Reference Sources

Film Studies at Paul Robeson Library

Selected Reference Works

Selected Reference Books Available at Paul Robeson Library:


  • Motion Picture Guide (REF PN1995.N346 1986) .
    • Complete and authoritative film reference guide listing information on 53,000 English language films. Vol. 1-9 covers films released 1927 to 1983/4; Vol. 10, silent films released 1910 to 1936. For each film, information is provided on date of release, running time, cast, plot synopsis and analysis, production credits, type of film, and video cassette availability. Arranged alphabetically by title. Two volume index includes listings of every name in the cast and production credits.
  • American Film Institute Catalog of Motion Pictures Produced in the U.S. (REF PN1998.A57).
    • Description of films produced 1911-20, 1921-30 and 1961-70.
  • Encyclopedia of American Film Comedy (REF PN1995.9.C55.L34 1987).
  • Halliwell's Filmgoer's and Video Viewer's Companion (REF PN1993.45.H3 1995).
  • Halliwell's Film Guide (REF PN1993.45.H27 1986).
  • International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers, Vol. 1: Films (REF PN1997.8.F555 1984).
    • Emphasizes most widely studied films; coverage is international. Includes names of cast, list of publications on the film and a long essay summarizing the plot and presenting critical analysis on various aspects of the film.
  • International Motion Picture Almanac (REF PN1993.3.I55 1993).
    • Sections on who's who in motion pictures, current releases, services, talent and literary agencies and other aspects of the film business.
  • Chronicle of the Cinema (REF PN 1993.5.A1.C55 1995)
  • Encyclopedia of European Cinema (REF PN 1993.5.E8.V56 1995)
  • Hispanics in Hollywood: An Encyclopedia of Film and Television (REF PN 1995.9.H47.R49 1994)
  • Oxford History of World Cinema (REF PH 1993.5.E8.A1096 1995)
  • Film Encyclopedia (REF PN 1993.45.K34 1994)
  • Film Studies Dictionary (REF PN 1993.45 B49 2001)
  • Complete Film Dictionary (REF PN 1993.45 K66 1997)


  • Literature Resource Center (online). Critical essays and resources on screenwriters.
    • Critical essays on important writers. To locate the entry on a particular writer, check the cumulative author index in the back of the last volume of the set. American Screenwriters (Vol. 26) and, American Screenwriters, 2nd Series (Vol. 44) are the volumes covering writers for film.
  • Biographical Dictionary of Film (REF PN1998.A2T55 1981).
    • Biographical essays on directors, actors, actresses, producers and other figures central to the history of the cinema.
  • Bogle, Donald. Blacks in American Films and Television: An Encyclopedia (REF PN1995.9.N4.B58 1989).
    • Articles on feature films, actors, actresses, producers and others important in black film history.
  • Hochman, Stanley. American Film Directors (REF PN1995.9.P7H57).
    • Excerpts from articles, essays and books on American directors
  • World Film Directors (REF PN1998.2.W67 1987).
    • Vol.l: 1890-1945 includes directors born before 1920 and well launched in their careers before 1945. Vol.2: 1945-1985 includes more recent figures. Provides introductions to the works and lives of 400 of the world's best known directors from the beginning of the cinema to the present.
  • Biographical Handbook of Hispanics and United States Film (REF PN 1995.9 H47 K46 1997)
  • New Biographical Dictionary of Film (REF PN 1998.2 T49 2002)
  • Women Film Directors: an International Bio-Critical Dictionary (REF PN 1998.2 F67 1995)


  • Hyatt, Marshall. Afro-American Cinematic Experience: An Annotated Bibliography & Filmography
    (REF PN1995.9.N4H9 1983).
  • Schuster, Mel. Motion Picture Directors; A Bibliography of Magazine and Periodical Articles, 1900-1972
    (REF Z5784.M9S34).
  • Woll, Allen L. Ethnic and Racial Images in American Film and Television: Historical Essays and Bibliography
    (REF PN1995.9.M56W65 1987).


  • Filmography of Social Issues (REF PN 1995.9 S62 M58 2004)
  • Encyclopedia of Horror Movies (REF PN 1995.9 H6 M5 1986)
  • Great Science Fiction Pictures II (REF PN 1995.9 S20 P38 1990)


  • Historical Dictionary of Irish Cinema (REF PN 1993.5 I85 F695 2007)
  • Historical Dictionary of African American Cinema (REF PN 1995.9 N4 B433 2007)
  • Historical Dictionary of German Cinema (REF PN 1993.5 G3 R417 2008)
  • BFI Companion to German Cinema (REF PN 1993.5 A35 C87 1998)
  • Guide to African Cinema (REF *PN1993.5.A35R87 1998)*
  • Companion Encyclopedia of Middle Eastern and North African Film (REF PN 1993.5 A65 C66 2001)
  • Encyclopedia of Chinese Film (REF PN 1993.5 C4 Z53 1998)
  • Guide to the Cinema of Spain (REF PN 1993.5 S7 D68 1987)

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