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Global & Eurasian History: Find Primary Sources

Supports research in Global, Comparative, European, & Asian History

Finding Source Publications in Library Catalogs

Add keyword sources or letters or diaries to any book search to find source publications.

Microform Collections

The listings for microforms in the Alexander Library include many collections that are not in in our catalog.  The viewers in the Alex Microforms Reading Room enable you to scan frames to a flash drive at no charge: build your own archive!  Here is a selected list of sets of interest for historians of continental Europe:

Maclure Collection of French Revolutionary Material

M/Film shelves 32-33.  371 reels. Guide: The Maclure Collection of French Revolutionary Materials: An annotated bibliography

Library Annex Stacks DC140.U54. A reel guide Library Annex Stacks Z2179.P4

The collection of William S. Maclure (1763-1840) of French Revolutionary materials now housed at the University of Pennsylvania. The guide also includes a survey of other libraries' collections of French Revolutionary materials.


Petitot, Claude Bernard, ed. Collections des memoires relatifs a l'histoire de France.

ALEXANDER M/fiche 65 Cab 6.  Also available through HathiTrust. This collection of sources on French history from the twelfth century to 1763 was published in 52 volumes in 1821-7.


Austrian State Archives 1848-1918. Prussian files

M/film Cabinet 89 78 reels.  No guide available


Archiv für österreichische Geschichte

[continues: Archiv für Kunde österreichischer Geschichts-Quellen, v1-18 ALEXANDER STACKS DB1.A31]

This collection of sources on the history of Austria and Austria-Hungary was published in 116 volumes in 1848-1944.

European Official Statistical Serials on Microfiche. Bishops Stratford, Eng: Chadwyk-Healey, 1975-. 7632 fiches. Our collection includes publications from the following countries: Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Czechoslovakia; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Netherlands; Poland; Portugal;  Russia; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; USSR; Yugoslavia.  Alexander DOC M-Fiche Cabinet 17 Drawers A-D 

Dutch pamphlets ca. 1486-1648 [microform] : Section I, the collection in the Royal Library, The Hague. 2037 fiches Alexander M-FICH

La Condition ouvrière] [microform] : [condition of the 19th-century French working class]. Alexander M-FICH 269

Les inventaires des Archives nationales de Paris [microform]. Alexander M-FICH


Archives Portal Europe.   Selected finding aids submitted by member institutions may be searched, a smaller number of primary materials are displayed online, and there is a map and directory with archival links and contact information.  Coverage is spotty but potentially helpful.

Selected Online Source Collections

Europeana: Sources Digitized by Europe's National Libraries

European History Primary Sources [from the European University Institute]

Eurodocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe

Perseus Digital Library

U.S. Declassified Documents Online [Rutgers Restricted]

EEBO - Early English Books Online [Rutgers Restricted] EEBO - TCP [Rutgers Restricted]

Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) [Rutgers Restricted]

Patrologia Latina [Rutgers Restricted]

Patrologiae Graecae [Rutgers Restricted]

Vreme NDA Full text of the English language news digest of the leading news magazine of the democratic opposition in Belgrade during the Yugoslav civil war of the 1990s.

Historical European Newspapers in Alex

L’Aurore (Paris, France). Alexander Film Shelved by title OCT 1,1897-AUG 2,1914

La Croix (Paris, France).  Alexander Film Shelved by title JUN 16,1883-MAR 31,1919

La Dépêche (Paris, France)  Alexander Film Shelved by title 1890-1910

Le Figaro (Paris, France)  Alexander Film Shelved by title JAN 1890-JUN 1919

Frankfurter Zeitung und Handelsblatt (Frankfurt am Main).  ALEX FLMPER SHELVED BY TITLE JUL 24,1914-AUG 14,1920

Le Monde (Paris, France).  Alexander Film Shelved by title 1960--

Münchner neueste Nachrichten (München, Germany). ALEX FLMPER SHELVED BY TITLE AUG 2,1914-AUG 31,1919

La petite république (Paris, France). Alexander Film Shelved by title Nov1893-Dec1910

La petite république française (Paris, France). Alexander Film Shelved by title 1893

Pravda (Moscow, Soviet Union/Russia).  Alexander Film Shelved by title 1957-2004

La Repubblica (Rome, Italy). Alexander Film Shelved by title 1976-2004

Le Temps (Paris, France). Alexander Film Shelved by title 1890-1914

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