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Research Tips for Graduate Students: Finding articles

This guide supports the research session that is part of the Newark Graduate Writing Workshops

I need articles

How to Find Articles at the Rutgers Libraries:

Indexes and Databases
Use these indexes to search for articles on a particular topic.
How do I find an article on my topic?
Step-by-step instructions on how to find a journal article on a particular topic.
How do I get my article?
Locate an article you have identified.
How do I know if RU has a particular journal?
Once you know the jounal that an article is published in, use these step-by-step instructions to find out if Rutgers has access to that particular journal.
Electronic Journal Lists
Note that some journal titles to which Rutgers has electronic access are not listed in the catalog. If you do not find the journal in the catalog, check the electronic journal lists.

(a) Searching for articles

searching for articles

(a) Where is the full-text of my article?