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Alcohol Studies Research Guide: Pop Culture

This guide will help you navigate Alcohol Studies Research. Find articles, books, e-resources and popular books, as well as tips for writing and citing and information regarding the special collections at Rutgers University.

R4R @Rutgers: Reading for Recovery

For more, please check out R4R, a resource geared towards those interested in the use of bibliotherapy (i. e., guided reading) for substance use problems, created at the Rutgers Center of Alcohol Studies Library in 2015-2016 with the help of an ALA Carnegie-Whitney grant.

What is Readers' Advisory?

Readers advisory is a service to help library users find new and interesting reading materials. Librarians provide suggestions and guidance based on users' interests and previous books they have read and liked. For more ideas on what to read, please see our R4R for Readers.

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Staff's Pick

Reading about Substance Abuse

Millions of people around the world struggle with substance abuse and addiction every day. We have created these reading lists and offer these links to other recommended books in the hope that readers may find some solace in other people's stories of addiction, inspiration in others' paths to recovery and enlightenment for those unfamiliar with the powerful grip of addiction.

DISCLAIMER: We don't intend these books to serve as guides or advice on treatment methods; if you need help, please see your doctor or a treatment professional.

Pop Culture

Unconventional nonfiction books about substance abuse filtered through the lens of popular culture, these works look at how alcohol and drug use has shaped – and been shaped by – the society around it.  Eschewing traditional narratives that focus on a single individual’s struggle with addiction, these works variously take as their subject everything from a time period to a unique slang to a particular drink, telling the story of substance use through that particular lens and in the process elucidating it from an entirely new and unexpected perspective.

Reading Lists from All Over the World

For more Reading Lists, please see the R4R reading Lists.

Self Help Miscellaneous