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ENG 302/303 Scientific & Technical Writing/Writing for Business & the Professions: Finding Models of Success

Materials to aid research for Business & Technical Writing courses offered on New Brunswick campuses.

Models of sucess

A key part of a successful proposal is identifying a model of success--that is, a real world example of an idea like yours which has worked in practice--thus giving your patron evidence that your specific approach can succeed.  So if you are proposing that peer tutoring can improve the math performances of middle school students in an urban school, you need to find a school in which a similar peer tutoring program has been implemented and shown to enhance student achievement.

Finding such studies can be challenging, but while searching the library databases you can use these recommended search terms to find models of success. Models of success are studies on real world examples of your topic. They provide valuable analytical information for the paradigm of your project. Below we have some general search terms that apply to any database, and some specific terms that are used in some specialized databases you can use..

Here is a simplified search string based on the example above:

Peer Tutoring AND middle school AND Math* AND (program effectiveness OR program evaluation)

Communications & Mass Media Indexes

Communication and Mass Media Complete

Content Analysis

Qualitative research


Pilot Projects


Business and Economics Indexes

Business Source Premier

Network Analysis

PERT(Program, Evaluation, and Review Technique)

Proof of Concept

Pilot Projects

Feasibility Studies

PAIS International

Action Research

Evaluation Research

Hazard Rate Models


Program Evaluation

Risk Assessment

Social Impact Assessment

Technology/Engineering Indexes

Compendex / Inspec

Computer Software Evaluation

Economic & Social Effects


Functional Assessment

Pilot Plant

Project Management

Problem Solving

Risk Analysis

Risk Assessment

Risk Perception

Food Science and Technology Abstracts

Analytical Techniques

Consumer Response

Consumer Satisfaction

Consumer Opinions

Predictive Modeling

Quality Control

Good Manufacturing Practice


General Search Terms: Articles + and Academic Search Premier

There are basic search terms you may use to improve database results:

Pilot                       Evaluation


Case Study


Evidence Based                 



*Hint: To find more terms use the Thesaurus in a databases if they have one.

Environmental Science/Agriculture/Biology Indexes:



Risk Assesment

Program Evaluation


Simulation Models

Case Studies

Quantitative Analysis

Economic Analysis

Education Indexes

ERIC (Education Resource and Information Center)

Comparative Analysis

Education Models

Pilot Study

Program Effectiveness

Program Evaluation

Program Implementation

Research Methodology

Teaching Methods

Student Evaluation

ProQuest Education Journals

Cognitive Models

Data Models


Pilot Projects

Project Evaluation

Psychology Indexes


Clinical Model

Clinical Practice

Clinical Trial

Treatment models

Case Conceptualization

Program Evaluation


Clinical Studies

Feasibility Studies

Pilot Projects

Sample Studies

Sociology Indexes

Proquest Sociology

Trial Evidence

Clinical Trial

Data Model

Pilot Projects

Project Evaluation

Medical and Health Indexes


         Evidence-based medicine

comparative effectiveness research

           treatment outcome

           program evaluation

           social validity research

CINAHL (Comprehensive Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature)

Pilot Studies

Epidemiological Research

Evaluation research

Health Services Research

Program Evaluation

Quality Assesment

Outcome Assessment


Clinical Trials

Feasibility Studies

Intervention Studies

Project Surveillance

Sampling Studies

Twin Studies

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