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ENG 302/303 Scientific & Technical Writing/Writing for Business & the Professions: "Patron"

Materials to aid research for Business & Technical Writing courses offered on New Brunswick campuses.

The First Step

“Person or business who will fund my proposal” requires that you determine which of the two types of organization is more appropriate for your project:

1. A not-for-profit group might find your idea similar to their mission. Not for profit organizations are are incorporated differently than businesses and are referred to as 501(C)3 organizations.You will usually be looking for grant funding for your idea, but you need a not-for-profit or educational organization to "house" and financially administer your grant. Money for a project is rarely granted to individuals.

2. A business would fund your idea because the return on investment (ROI) would be profitable (as a moneymaker; a way to diversify for security; improve their public image) for the business. In this case you are looking for capital to fund your idea and you must predict the project will make a profit.

CAUTION! If you are contemplating funding a monorail, light rail, airport or any large transportation system, I recommend you find another topic. Funding for this kind of project usually involves a municipal, county, town or state "bond issue." Definition of a bond issue, "bonds sold by a corporation or government agency at a particular time and identifiable by date of maturity".

Non-Profit Funding sources

For not-for-profit projects, the major method to raise capital is through grants. Nearly all foundations and grant-funding organizations require that the grant be given to an organization NOT and individual. Therefore, you will need to find an organization that would care about your project and be willing to handle the administrative aspects of the grant. Also, note that administrative  fees are involved in managing a grant. Foundations expect administrative costs and they should be written into the budget. These are often referred to as indirect costs. See the "Price" section for example of Rutgers indirect costs for grant administration.

Foundation Directory Online is one of the more popular resources. An example of how to search this database is at the bottom of this box.

Government Funding Sources

Venture Capital for Business Projects

Company Resources

The resources below will help you find information about a particular company.

Rutgers Patrons

If your proposal is intended to solve a problem at Rutgers--whether parking or the bus system or the dining halls or the residence halls or student life or academic programs--one of the administrative offices at the university might be your best patron.  Here are two main resources:

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