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Price - April2021: Writing Assignment

"New York Times" and Cambridge Companion Readings

"March's Book Club Pick: 'Exit West,' by Moshid Hamid'

"Global Migration Meets Magic in Moshin Hamid's Timely Novel"

The Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature, Ch. 14 "Magical Realism"

"Exit West" Writing Assignment

Assignment Prompt:

The prompt for the research paper is as follows: 
The purpose of this research paper is to gain a deeper understanding of Exit West by Mohsin Hamid. You will do this by referring to outside sources, learning to incorporate your voice/analysis with those of experts and employing MLA guidelines for citation and documentation. Keep in mind that you are writing an argumentative, not an informative, research paper. That is to say, just like your other essays, this research paper requires a thesis statement that you will be proving.


Exit West is the primary source for this essay, which means that all analysis must be connected to the story. You must use the novel in a significant way (therefore, it will be in the thesis/topic sentences).

You must also use three to four secondary sources, each coming from:

- a book, published journal, or newspaper;

- another (non-assigned) short story, novel, or poem;

- an article from the Rutgers library’s database, and

- a reputable Internet site.

(You may double up on only one of these types of sources.)

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