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Ciccolo-March2021: Writing Assignment

"The Metamorphosis" Writing Assignment

Assignment Prompt:

We have read The Metamorphosis (1915) by Franz Kafka, and this is the novella you will be analyzing for your final paper.

You have three options in terms of how to approach this paper. Choose one: 1) Analyze the ways Gregor’s metamorphosis (or transformation) affects his experience of alienation. (We get a good deal of information about Gregor’s life pre-metamorphosis, and you will want to use this information.)

2) Analyze the way(s) Gregor’s experience of alienation (in its various forms) informs the meaning of the novella as a whole.

3) Come up with your own topic/prompt. If you choose this option, it may be helpful for you to review the three previous prompts to come up with a question or a topic. Another way to come up with your topic would be to ask yourself what you like about the story or what interests you and use this as a foundation to develop the topic of your paper.

You must use at least two, and no more than four, outside sources in your effort to analyze the text. These sources must be written by a professional. Please try to avoid using sources that qualify as explicit literary analyses of  The Metamorphosis— students often make the mistake of letting these sources drown out their own argument(s) and wind up only summarizing the source instead — do not fall into this trap.

Make sure you have a clear, complex thesis that outlines the argument of your essay and that lends itself to an original reading of the text. To support your ideas, provide quotations from both the novel and your secondary sources. Annotated Bibliography (required): You will submit an annotated bibliography via Canvas (under “Assignments” and in the 4th module) no later than April 8th.

This is an important assignment. You will present your topic/ prompt, your thesis, and you will find at least two, and no more than four, credible sources. You will then provide citation for each source, briefly summarize its content, and describe the way(s) it will contribute to your essay’s argument. Essay length required: 5-7 pages. Make sure you have written, at the very minimum, a FULL 5 pages. Essay due date: April 29th, 11:59pm. For this essay, your incorporation of MLA citation will be evaluated and will be factored into your grade. In order to cite your two sources, you may use either your Hacker handbooks or the Purdue Owl website (which I recommend). An earnest effort at accurate citation is expected. Use only the information you have. Purdue Owl MLA general page: mla_style/mla_formatting_and_style_guide/mla_general_format.html

Your essay should be written in 12 pt., Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins. Unless you’re including a title page, at the top of the first page, write your full name, the course, my name the date, and “Formal Essay #3.” This part should be single-spaced. It should look like this: [your name here] English Composition 102 Prof. Ciccolo Formal Essay #4 Date The rest of your essay should be double-spaced. I would appreciate page numbers (top right). Upload your submission via Canvas in a viable format. Please give your essay a title. Bear in mind, as always, that the author and the narrator are two distinct entities. Be sure to include the academic integrity honor pledge at the end of your essay,

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