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Costa-Matthews - March 2020: Writing Prompts

"'V is for Vendetta" - Writing Prompts

The purpose of this research paper is to develop your research skills and broaden your knowledge of the graphic novel V is for Vendetta. You will refer to outside sources and learn to incorporate your own voice/analysis alongside those you find in your research. Keep in mind: you are still writing an argumentative paper. This means that your analysis should still be text-based and focused on the novel.

You must use three outside sources:
1.  Two articles from published journals, available in Rutgers’ library’s databases
2.  A book

Your first step is to decide what topic interests you most. It might be beneficial to choose from a discipline that you are pursuing academically (i.e., your major). You may come up with your own topic or you may choose from the ones I have provided below.

Here are some topic suggestions:
1. Explore the political aspects of the novel and relate these aspects to historical or current events.
2. Analyze one of the themes (or other literary elements such as symbols) of the text and its the significance in the development of a particular character or the development of the plot.
3. Consider the behavior of Codename V and determine if he is a hero or villain. Research the attributes of both archetypes and construct an argument for either.
4. The graphic novel contains a lot of artistic/cultural/historical references.  These references are made for specific reasons and relate to the plot indirectly. Choose one reference and, after conducting research, construct an argument on how this reference relates to the plot.
5. Explore the concept of protests and “resistance.” Analyze these concepts in V for Vendetta and research how they have been used as an example for modern “resistance” movements.

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