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Articles+ User Guide: Overview

Instructions and tips for using Articles+ to find articles.

What is Articles+?

Articles+ allows you to search for journal, magazine, and newspaper articles available from hundreds of library databases and content providers. It also provides access to book chapters, conference papers, reviews, and dissertations. Articles+ offers a useful starting point for locating articles on a topic or conducting interdisciplinary research across multiple subject areas. Articles+ does not provide comprehensive coverage of all library databases, nor does it include content from the library catalog. For coverage details, see What databases are included in Articles+?


What's included in Articles+?

Hundreds of library databases including:

  • Academic Search Premier
  • Science Direct
  • Web of Science
  • Medline
  • ... and more

Over 40,000 journals and periodicals from publishers such as:

  • Wiley
  • Springer
  • Elsevier
  • Taylor & Francis
  • Oxford University Press
  • ... and more

For coverage details, see What databases are included in Articles+?


When would I use Articles+?

  • As a starting point for finding articles on a topic
  • When conducting research outside of your field of expertise
  • When conducting interdisciplinary research that spans a variety of fields

How do I access Articles+?

There are 3 ways to access Articles+:

What other resources should I use to find articles?

Articles+ doesn't cover everything. You still may need to consult other library resources to find the article you're looking for.