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Committee on Universal Inclusion : Home

This is the public website of the Committee on Universal Inclusion at Rutgers University Libraries.

Committee for Universal Inclusion Charge

The Committee on Universal Inclusion is charged with dedication to the creation of an inclusive Libraries community through service and resources, as well as a workplace that is based on respect and an appreciation of individual differences.


Melissa Gasparotto, Librarian for African, Latin American & LGBTQ Studies, Spanish & Portuguese, Chair 

Jeanne Boyle, AUL for Planning & Organizational Research

Adriana Cuervo, Associate Director, Institute of Jazz Studies

L Melanie Miller, Access Services, Math Library

Kati Ritter, Central Technical Services, TAS

Jonathan Sauceda, Music and Performing Arts Librarian

Lila Fredenburg, Director of Administrative Services

Rutgers Libraries Statement on Diversity

Rutgers University Libraries recognizes its exceptional role in promoting diversity within the university and its surrounding local and global community. It aggressively cultivates and encourages diversity and multiculturalism through its collections, programs, services and human resources. The libraries understand the value of diverse co-existence and interdependence and actively pursue strategies to achieve an environment of respect and a spirit of fairness and tolerance for human differences.

The libraries ensure all its users equitable access to its collections and services. Its work environment and ethic reflects inclusive and participatory practices as well as an acknowledgement of responsibility for preventing bias, insensitivity and ensuring all its employees equal access to opportunities, without regard to race, color, ethnicity, sex, religion, class, disability, national origin, sexual orientation, ancestry, marital status, culture, ideology, politics, income, geography and regional differences.

The libraries are proud to be a multicultural community and recognize that a strong commitment to diversity is essential to creating a fair and open-minded work environment which will facilitate unique and sustained intellectual and academic excellence.

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