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Online Video at Rutgers: Online Feature Films from Swank

Swank Digital Campus

Swank Digital Campus provides online streaming access to feature films for instructional use. 

Rutgers Libraries will arrange to make available up to twelve titles that instructors designate required viewing for students in any course. Once leased, titles may be used in other courses for the duration of the lease without additional charge. Requesting a streaming title in no way interferes with our acquisition or your use of a DVD in the classroom.

All currently-licensed Swank titles are viewable to Rutgers University faculty, staff, and students via the Swank Digital Campus portal. Links can also be embedded in a course management system or in the library's electronic course reserves.

Contact Zara Wilkinson to request a new title for your course, or for access to a link for currently licensed film listed here.   Please be sure to include your course number and title, and number of students.

Search for available titles

Search the Swank Digital Campus Catalog in the top right of their site.

Swank's catalog is a complete list of their over 20,000 titles.  Hollywood studio films comprise the majority, but there are also a number of independent, international, and documentary titles.

This service is restricted to required viewing for Rutgers coursework. Swank also provides a portal where lessons can be created.

Titles may take up to three weeks to become available, and are available until the end of the academic year.

Microsoft Silverlight is required for computers to play Swank streams.