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Link to Libraries homepage
Rutgers University Libraries

Off Campus Students: Welcome

This guide is intended to help students in off campus programs understand and utilize Rutgers University Library resources and services.

Welcome to Rutgers University Libraries!

We are here to help you get started. 

We are committed to providing you with the resources and services you need to achieve your educational goals.

Even though your programs are located off campus, you have full access to all of the Rutgers University Libraries resources and services. This guide will help connect you with the Libraries; provide instructions on using our online catalog; explain how to search our indexes and databases; and other important tools. The majority of our resources are available to assist you in your studies anywhere at anytime.

We wish you much success in all your studies at Rutgers. Please use the red tabs on the top to get started. If you need more information, click on "Ask A Librarian" and our expert faculty and staff will help you. We welcome your questions about our resources and services or suggestions about additional ways we can support you with your research needs.

Don't forget your local library

If you are located on a Community College Campus with a library, arrangements have been made for you to use that library. Bring your Rutgers ID card (and drivers license if you are a county resident) to arrange borrowing privileges.

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Quick Links to Library Resources

Use the links below to quickly connect with the resources and services you need.

Libraries introduction