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Open Alcohol Studies Resources: Home


Please note that the Center of Alcohol Studies Library closed in December 2016. This guide will be updated once the collection has been relocated in its final destination. 

Welcome to the Center of Alcohol Studies Open Access Resources site.  This virtual toolkit and research guide was created specifically for the needs of participants of CAS-hosted seminars and certificate programs, as well as other guest users. 

About the Library

The CAS Library maintains one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive collections of books, media and other documents pertaining to the biomedical and psychosocial aspects of alcohol use and abuse.  All print resources are available in the library.  While many of the electronic resources on substance abuse provided by Rutgers University Libraries can be only be accessed with a NetID, open-access resources are available to guest users.  


This LibGuide was developed at the Center of Alcohol Studies Library by graduate assistants Will Haggis and Maria Ortiz-Myers  under the supervision of Judit Ward and William Bejarano.