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This guide is designed to support the Rutgers Future Scholars program.

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Welcome, Future Scholars

Academic Success & Career Builder


Dear Future Scholars:


We made this guide for you.  It will be available to you all year at this address, to help with your career exploration and your academic success.


Best regards,

Erleen Harris

Roberta Tipton

Bonnie L. Fong

Dana Library

Authorship Note

Erleen Harris, MLIS, contributed to the original version of this guide.

Subject Librarian

Roberta Tipton
Roberta L. Tipton
Business Librarian
Public Administration Librarian
Information Literacy Coordinator
The John Cotton Dana Library
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Teaching Librarian


Erleen Harris

has taught students from elementary school to adult learners.  She has a B.A. from Brooklyn College, CUNY, an M.L.S. from Pratt Institute, and an M.S. in School Administration from Touro College.