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ENG 103 Expositon and Argument with William Magrino: ENG 103 Getting Started

(a) Opening a Bubbl Account


British and American History and Political Science Librarian - New Brunswick

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Tom Glynn
Alexander Library
Rutgers University
169 College Ave.
New Brunswick, NJ
(848) 932-6105

Mapping your Idea

Example of mind mapping to explore and record your idea; created with free software at

To create your own account and concept map go to

  • Looking at current issues important to Congress--and all of us! CQ Researcher
  • Congressional Research Report for the People
  • Listen to programs on National Public Radio, particularly the shows "All Things Considered","Fresh Air","On the Media", "Tell Me More" and others located at the bottom of the home page
  • Other Public Radio Shows: Science Friday; New Jersey Public Radio and TV, particularly "Another View","Classroom CloseUp NJ", "Caucus NJ" and "Due Process". Please note the NJ station only archives the last show.
  • The Libraries subscribe to online specialized encyclopedias published by Gale and Sage; they are good for finding ideas and early background research
  • Visit the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine
  • Browse your local newspaper(s) for local problems.  Use Access World News and limit to New Jersey newspapers if you would like to search locally.
  • Browse through individual issues of Forbes or Business Week. Check tutorials box on this page for assistance.